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TERPCAP is a disability-led accessibility solutions provider that enables organizations and businesses to champion inclusion for all.

Our Services

Sign Language Interpretation

Provide sign language interpretation during in-person events such as meetings, presentations, training sessions, and online events such as webinars and live streams.

Closed Captioning

Provide real-time closed captioning during in-person and online events; Post-event transcripts will be made available.

Accessible Video Editing

Edit videos to make it more accessible for Persons with Disabilities - adding captions, sign language insets, and audio descriptions while ensuring compatibility with screen readers .

Accessible Website Development

Create accessible websites in compliance to the accessibility laws and regulations, to improve SEO, and increase brand awareness.

Accessible Document & Content Creation

Create documents that are accessible to Persons with Disabilities and compatible with screen readers.

Training & Consulting Services

We help organizations understand their accessibility obligations and how to implement effective accessibility solutions.

Our Impact

TERPCAP has helped a wide range of organizations and businesses to become more accessible, including:

Government Agencies

Educational institutions

Non-profit and Civil Service Organizations

Businesses of all sizes

Our Clients

Our Testimonials

Our Vision

Become the leading accessibility solutions provider, enabling full and effective participation of Persons with Disabilities in society.

Our Mission

Provide accessibility solutions for businesses and organizations of all sizes that are committed to build a more inclusive world for all.

Our Core Values

Our Team

Consists of all Persons with Disabilities equipped & committed towards accessibility & disability inclusion


By providing accessibility solutions, TERPCAP is helping to create a more inclusive world  where everyone has the  opportunity to succeed.